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Pedro's Salsa
My favorite salsa! My husband discovered this salsa back in 2001 and, thanks to his salsa addiction, I've now been hooked on Pedro's Salsa for years. This homegrown, family-owned business only uses the freshest ingredients. It is currently available in New Mexico and El Paso markets and online at


When I moved from New Mexico, I took crates of the stuff with me - it is that good! Try it and you will want to help me bring it to Corpus Christi!

Don't forget to request Pedro's at your local store! Ask the store manager to contact Pedro's Salsas by giving the store owner/manager our toll-free phone number: 1-888-264-0870.

April 2007


4/30.... Aletha Undercover presents- Folk Healers. I had never heard of faith healing or curanderos until I moved to Corpus Christi. Join me as I share my experiences with various spiritual healers around Corpus. Part 1... Part2... Part 3... (Part 3 has my really cool conversation with Jacquie Moody-Fuller.)

5/7... Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. my final hour sidekick Part 1... Part 2.... Part 3... Part 4

5/14... Arthur Brooks, 2007 city council at-large candidate and philosopher. Join us as we continue our discussion on folklore and spooky tales around the area.

5/21... Christina Sosa Noriega, 7:30pm: You know the new My Loteria games and dishware designed and sold at the HEB and HEB plus stores here in Corpus? Well, this is the mad artist behind the pieces. Tune in for a chat with this wonderful, young artist and find out the history behind La Llorona!

5/28...Jacquie Moody-Fuller, 7:30pm: Ms. Fuller escaped from an aslyum in San Antonio back in 2002. She has been on the lam, currently hiding out in Minnesota. Join us for a "scholarly" approach to the folklore and urban legends found here in South Texas. Warning: she may be a professional, but she is still a lunatic!

May 2007

6/4... Herb Canales, Director of Libraries, 7:30pm: Please tune in and find out what is going on with one of our community's most important resource! Tons of changes are taking place and Mr. Canales will be sharing a glimpse of what to expect.

6/11...tentatively ... Jaime Bustos of Terra Madre Mini Farms and the South Side Farmer's Market.



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